Paris Churches

There are a good number of churches within Paris, some several centuries old. Sacre Couer outright forbids pictures being taken inside of it, while most of the others are more accommodating. These are mostly from Notre Dame and a smaller church next to Sacre Couer called Paroisse St. Pierre de Montmartre.


The palace of the sun king is a very impressive place, ornate, with lots to see. These photos don't do it justice but I took them nonetheless.

Paris Part 1

Went to the city of lights early this month and despite the gray Paris weather had a chance to get out and around. These photos were taken with a Lumix DMC-LX10 that I wanted to put through its paces. There is a somewhat related timelapse video taken with a GoPro Hero 4 here.


Was in Fredericksburg, VA not too long ago and stopped by some of the historic sites, Civil War battlefields and monuments that abound there.


I had the opportunity, thanks to a good friend, to walk along part of the Rheinsteig near Frankfurt, Germany. The trail is set along the Rhein river and has some amazing scenery, not the least of which are some impressive castles.